FDU in the news again…

…and its not good news either…

From NJ.com:

Norovirus strikes FDU, sickening 105 students
Monday, March 05, 2007

A norovirus struck about 105 students at Fairleigh Dickinson University last week, closing the school’s recreation center and sending a dozen students to the hospital, a university spokesman said yesterday.

The 24-hour virus hit the Flor ham Park campus Wednesday, with students falling sick Thursday and Friday, spokesman Art Petro semolo said. The disease can be spread by person-to-person contact and is characterized by flu-like symptoms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, University officials became aware of the outbreak because of the number of students visiting the health center, Petrosemolo said. The Florham Park Health Department identified the disease as a no rovirus, a group of related viruses.

Of the 105 students who came down with the disease, 12 were treated at Morristown Memorial Hospital and Saint Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston for dehydration, then released, he said. Another six faculty and staff members got sick.

In response, the university sent cleaning crews to dormitory bath rooms and dining halls, and it shut down the recreation center and pool for 24 hours so they could be cleaned — anywhere “where stu dents could congregate and pass it on quickly,” Petrosemolo said.

Hand sanitizer is available at the library, computer labs and the dining hall, and students are being urged to wash their sheets in hot water, he said. “We’re doing everything possible not to have another outbreak,” Petrosemolo said.

The university plans to send letters to parents today to apprise them of the situation, and classes were scheduled for today. Money manager charged

with $1M theft gets bail A South Jersey woman is free on bail after being charged with stealing more than $1 million from an elderly Montgomery County, Pa., woman who trusted her to in vest her money.

Prosecutors say the 86-year-old victim hired a company to manage her portfolio, and Debbie Madosky was assigned to the account. They say Madosky left the company but continued to manage the Rydal woman’s estate privately.

Montgomery County Prosecutor Risa Ferman says over the next several years the 43-year-old Medford woman siphoned $1.4 million from the victim.

Ferman said Madosky was writ ing checks to herself and would ultimately leave the elderly woman destitute, and Madosky paid off her husband’s bad debt of $135,000, and went shopping at Neiman- Marcus, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, and other expensive stores.

Madosky faces several counts of theft and related charges, and was released on her own recognizance after bail was set at $500,000. A.C. Expressway

crash kills woman A Philadelphia woman was killed early yesterday when her car — going the wrong way on the Atlantic City Expressway — collided with another car in Winslow Township, New Jersey State Police said.

Adriana Petaccio-Simiriglio, 41, was driving her Daewoo eastbound in the westbound left lane about 6:35 a.m. when the car struck another head-on, according to authorities.

The driver, Clifford Johnson, 58, of Darby, Pa., was airlifted to Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he was listed in critical condition.

Two passengers, Amber Patter son-Jarmin and Krista Jarmin, both of Pennsylvania, also were transported to Cooper, State Police said. Patterson-Jarmin was listed in stable condition, but a hospital spokeswoman had no record of Krista Jarmin.

— Star-Ledger staff and wire reports

Thank God I wasn’t there…I probably would have gotten sick!


7 thoughts on “FDU in the news again…

  1. anonymous says:

    People refer to it as a stomach virus and some have come down with it at work – waking up in the middle of the night vomiting, the runs, etc. Keep washing your hands all the time. This virus has been around for a while now.

  2. flammable says:

    Blah, I just got back. Thankfully, not sick, but I didn’t get to see many people because I didn’t want to risk it. Not a fun weekend.

    It’s really terrible, the whole thing started last Tuesday, but FDU didn’t take action until the ambulances kept coming, and the Morristown hospital began refusing people.

    They’re also claming that it’s not due to food poisoning (from the cafeteria salad bar), but if you look up “norovirus” online, it refers to food poisoning from lettuce. Apparently, student government representatives are asking people to take down messages from Facebook claiming they got food poisoning.


  3. socramforever says:

    I was in Madison the other day, at the Atlanta Bread Company and I was washing my hands like every half hour…

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