Geico Cavemen might be getting TV show

Interesting…I’ll probably skip it, because I think it’ll be a one joke show, but good for them. They’re showing all of those people that even Cavemen can make it in the real world!

Geico’s cavemen may get own TV series

Fri Mar 2, 7:43 PM ET

Those Geico “cavemen” shouldn’t be so upset after all — they may get their own television series. ABC said Friday it had ordered a pilot for a comedy, tentatively titled “Cavemen,” that features the characters used in a series of ads by the insurance company.

In the ads, cavemen appear insulted by a Geico pitchman’s claim that the company’s Web site is so easy to use that “even a caveman can do it.”

The potential series, one of 14 pilots that will be produced by Touchstone Television this spring, features the cavemen as they “struggle with prejudice on a daily basis as they strive to live the lives of normal thirty-somethings in 2007 Atlanta.”

It’s unusual for characters from an advertising campaign to move into shows of their own, but not unprecedented. The CBS comedy “Baby Bob” featured a talking baby that had been used in several advertisements, according to Daily Variety.

The advertising copywriter who helped create the “cavemen” ads is writing the pilot, the studio said.

A pilot order is no guarantee a show will make it on the air; in fact, the majority of pilots don’t make it that far.

If it doesn’t make it, be sure that it’ll most likely make it onto youtube!


5 thoughts on “Geico Cavemen might be getting TV show

  1. flammable says:

    Ooh! It’s a pilot TV show starring Owen Wilson and Jack Black. From Ben Stiller.

    Jack Black plays the smartest man alive (but only when he has the power of sunlight), and Owen Wilson plays his talking motorcycle. Ron Silver is a NASA agent, trying to hunt down and kill Jack Black.

    Check it out. It’s surprising to see that Fox turned it down!

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