So, I saw this a while ago and I laughed, I mean I can see Peanut being a little vampire. I even joked about his two big teeth in the front being sharp teeth. So it wasn’t a surprise that someone had already done it.

Then the other day a student walked in reading Bunnicula Strikes again and I just had to ask what the story was about and in a nutshell what I found on wikipedia.org was exactly the same, though with a little more information:

Bunnicula is a children’s book series written by James Howe about a vampire-bunny that sucks the juice out of vegetables. (ISBN 0-689-80659-0)
The story is centered on the Monroe family and their pets and is told from the perspective of their dog Harold. The Monroes find a bunny at the cinema where they were watching a Dracula film. Because of this, they dub him Bunnicula. Their cat Chester, however, is convinced Bunnicula is a vampire and attempts to get Harold to help save the Monroes from the perceived menace.
A 1979 animated TV special by the same name was created based on the first book and aired on the ABC Weekend Special.

Just a very strange concept…but now I know what to dress Peanut up as for Halloween this year.

He’d be a very interesting little vampire.


PS here is another pic that I found while looking for Bunnicula:

7 thoughts on “Bunnicula!

  1. flammable says:

    Oh man, that was years ago…dinosaurs roamed the earth, and I got to school via Brontosaurus.

    I think the reading level is close to middle school, not sure how much you’d enjoy it…but you should breeze right through it. MAYBE you could get the kids in your classes to read them…under the guise that it’s an assignment. Yeah!

  2. socramforever says:

    I wouldn’t even touch reading it. Its not for me. I’ll just live happily knowning that there is a story in my head with a little rabbit that is a vampire…

  3. socramforever says:

    Well, Wikipedia.org says that they already made a made-for-tv movie. But I can live without a film adaptation of it. I like my rabbits to be sly and clever, not vampires.

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