I didn’t see Spiderman 3…

…but aparently everyone else did!

I’ll be seeing it later this week, I hope that it lives up to everything everyone is saying!

from darkhorizons.com:

More Money Flowing In For Spidey
By Garth FranklinSunday May 6th 2007 11:14am
image “Spider-Man 3” took in a whopping $148 million over the weekend domestically, easily beating the $135 million record set by “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” last year, whilst Spidey 3 also landed the biggest worldwide weekend ever as well – $375 million for the three day-haul.

“Spider-Man 3” also easily surpassed the track records of the previous two films in the superhero franchise: $88.1 million for “Spider-Man 2,” and $114.8 million for “Spider-Man”. The project dominated the entire frame, it’s take was an astonishing $34,807 per theatre, and the nearest rival was second place “Disturbia” in its fourth week with a mere $5.7 million.

In fact hopes of some spill over interest into other projects was left obliterated. Last week’s newcomers “The Invisible,” “Next” and “The Condemned” plummeted a whopping 59.5%, 61.2% and 72.1% respectively from their meagre opening weekend hauls. Strong performers like “Blades of Glory,” “Hot Fuzz” and “Fracture” all fell 50-60% as well.

Sole wide newcomer, the Eric Bana-Drew Barrymore drama “Lucky You,” posted a disastrous $2.5 million opening (a truly meagre $996 per screen) and sixth place slot. Limited release fared much better with “Waitress,” “Away from Her” and “Paris, je t’aime” all taking in strong per theatre hauls.

The damn thing killed everything before it and everything that’s been out for the last month or so. Its a juggernaut!


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