Robert Rodriguez to decide between The Jetsons and Land of the Lost

Personally I don’t think he should do either of them and should just work on Sin City movies, but if he didn’t do either of these movies I can bet you money that they wouldn’t be anywhere near a great film without his involvment.


Rodriguez Choosing Jetsons or Lost?
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
May 9, 2007

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed a rumor at that director Robert Rodriguez is in talks to direct a live-action feature version of futuristic 1960s cartoon The Jetsons for Warner Bros. Pictures, being produced by Denise Di Novi and Donald De Line.

At the same time, Rodriguez has met with Will Ferrell and Universal executive for helming duties on Land of the Lost, based on the 1970s Sid and Marty Krofft fantasy TV series to which Ferrell is attached to star.

The trade adds that “Jetsons” has the edge because its script, whose latest draft is by Adam Goldberg (Fanboys), is further along.

As long as he works on the second Sin City movie I’m fine with it. He tends to work on more than one movie at a time so I really don’t care. We need someone with a brain to work the Jetsons movie and we need someone with a vision to direct Land of the Lost. He should do both of them, that’s just my opinion.


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