Cowboys and Aliens

I don’t remember now if I ever posted anything about the film Cowboys and Aliens before, I think I may have about a year or so ago, but they’ve been trying to make this film for as long as I’ve had a computer in front of me with internet access. I remember seeing this pic–

–along with a rumor that the guy who just wrote Evan Almighty, Steve Oedekerk, was attached to writing it. But that was almost ten years ago now. This thing has been bouncing around forever and now it seems, once again that it’ll finally get off the ground.


Here Come The “Cowboys & Aliens”
By Garth FranklinThursday June 21st 2007 5:02am
image DreamWorks and Universal Pictures are teaming to turn the graphic novel “Cowboys & Aliens” into a live action feature reports Variety.

The graphic novel mixes Western and science fiction genres. Set in 1800s Arizona, a skirmish between cowboys and Apaches is interrupted by the crash landing of a space ship.

The alien commander plans to tame the Old West and enslave everyone, but the cowboys and Native Americans turn their six-guns against the alien invaders.

Script will be written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby. Brian Grazer, Scott Rosenberg and Ron Howard will produce.

I like the fact that Brian Grazer and Ron Howard are both producing it, at least it might actually make it out this time around.


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