Missing Lake in Chile may be due to a crack

I almost posted about this a few weeks back but lost the link, here is an update on that story from CNN.com:



SANTIAGO, Chile (Reuters) — Scientists said that a lake in southern Chile that mysteriously disappeared last month developed a crack which allowed the water to drain away.

A buildup of water opened a crack in an ice wall along one side of the lake.

Water flowed through the crack into a nearby fjord and from there into the sea, leaving behind a dry lake-bed littered with icebergs, scientists told Chilean state television Tuesday.

“It looks like it’s slowly filling up with water again,” said Andres Rivera, a glacier expert who headed a team which recently flew over the lake in a bid to solve the mystery.

The lake is situated in the Magallanes region in Patagonia and is fed by melt-water from glaciers.

Earlier this year it had a surface area of 10-12 acres — about the size of 10 soccer fields.

Scientists noticed it had disappeared during a routine patrol of the area in May.

4 thoughts on “Missing Lake in Chile may be due to a crack

  1. socramforever says:

    Yeah, true, I guess because at least if that happened they probably would know what happened to the water, here, they don’t really know, they think they know, but they’re not sure.

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