Tropical Storm Cosme

No, this isn’t a joke, its an actual Tropical Storm or Depression called Cosme (which gasp! is my last name!) I thought it was funny. We probably won’t hear too much about it on this side seeing that its a Pacific storm, not an Atlantic storm, but I just thought that I’d post about it. If anyone can find out more about it please let me know. Here is an image I found on-line (click it to make it bigger):

6 thoughts on “Tropical Storm Cosme

  1. socramforever says:

    haha! I doubt that its still around now…but apparently they said that the hurricane in the Atlantic (Dean) might cross Mexico and make its way into the Pacific (and if it does not only will it be the first ever to do that (I guess in known history) but that it would get a new name, because Hurricanes are in the Atlantic, and Typhoons are in the Pacific. Same storm, different name.

  2. flammable says:

    Well, like…they had a system to categorize hurricanes based on which coast they’re on, with naming schemes and everything. Then, nature decides to mess it all up and make the storm switch coasts.

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