So, we finally buckled down and got Netflix. You know the online website that you sign up and you essentially rent movies that get sent to your house (we’re getting four at a time) and you just send them back and they send you another one and the cycle just continues. Let me just say I’m loving every second of this.

So far we’ve seen three movies: The Night Listener (which we started watching in Mexico because Melissa’s cousin Lauren brought some movies and we had a rainy day so we started watching it and then the sun came out and we needed to see the ending to it), Babel, a very good movie that is just too damn depressing and I just hate real world type movies, and we just finished Disturbia and I loved it. Now I wish I bought it instead of just renting it off line…I’ll find it two for twenty soon, so I’m not worried.

Anyway, the forth film that we have is Apacolypco and I know my Mom wants to see it so we’ll be letting her borrow it soon.

Netflix, I recommend it! Highly!

I’ll be posting some reviews on the films I see and watch…soon.

–Socram AKA Cos

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