In the Over the top Battle Royal for the CMWF Championship that was held earlier today, with participants in all shapes and sizes and all sorts of furriness and featheriness, only one could win.

After it was all said and done, only two remained, it was down to Peanut Chew and Minnie. The young and inexperienced little dog jump too high and too fast and Peanut shoved her over the top rope to become the NEW CMWF WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Peanut was extremely grateful to have been able to wrestle in the ring once again as he held the title one more time.

He held it up in the air and with tears in his eyes he said, “…to all those who want it, I’m right here!”

Peanut Chew is now a seven time World Heavyweight Champion. Matching only his Father Marcos along with his Uncle Mathew (who went on to become a nine time champion last year in some of the greatest battles ever seen in CMWF).

Peanut Chew boasts that he welcomes all comers, any size and any where.

We here at the blog wish the dwarf rabbit a long and enjoyable championship reign.

pictured here with his grandfather and former World Heavyweight Champion, Efrain, in the background.

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