Netflix list so far (as of 9/6/07)

We didn’t see anything tonight, but we’ve seen a bunch more movies, so here is the list:

1. The Night Listener
2. Babel
3. Disturbia
4. Accepted
5. Vacancy
6. Apocalypco
7. The Holiday
8. Dead Silence
9. Breach –> good, nothing to run out to see, but good
10. The Hills Have Eyes 2–> utterly disappointing.
11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning–> not the first one by any means, and a really pointless prequel. Also, no Jessica Biel!
12. The Hitcher–> Better than the two above, but still nothing to right home about.
13. Deja Vu–> Great action movie from Jerry Bruchheimer, with time travel mixed into it.

Coming up: Syriana and Black Snake Moan

Coming this weekend: Perfect Stranger and Wicker Park

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