Missing the Movie Theater

Not that there were that many movies that came out past mid-July that were good, but I haven’t been to a movie theater since the beginning of July when Evkoz and I went to see Transformers. Be it from lack of funds, ADD, or any other excuse; I’m really missing going to the movie theater. Above anything else, I still consider myself a film person first and seeing FILMS the way that they were meant to be seen by their creators is something special. Seeing it on a big screen with good sound, hopefully with a very excited audience, without the forty minute phone calls in between where the DVD is on pause. I miss the movie theater. It used to be one of the greatest thrills for me to go to the theater almost every week and see something.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a bunch of crap out there that does not deserve to get a theatrical viewing, which is where Netflix comes in, or the sheer chance that you just can’t go see a movie in the theater (I’m still kicking myself for not seeing War of the Worlds in the movie theater–and I’ll probably end up kicking myself for not seeing Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix there as well). I consider watching a BIG film like a Pirates, Die Hard, Transformers, Harry Potter or some other HUGE movie on DVD first a sin. Live Free or Die Hard was great in the theater, we had an audience that responded when they needed to and that justifies your feelings as well to scenes and jokes that are in the movie.

DVDs are a great way to see things that you skipped, not missed, we saw Perfect Stranger last night off of Netflix (not to be confused with the show, Perfect Strangers) that starred Hale Berry and Bruce Willis. It was ok. Wasn’t what I expected. But it was a perfect DVD movie.

All I’m saying is that I need to get back to the movie theater. Especially now that I have a job I need the escape that the theater always gave for the hour to two hours that I could be there for. I’m not going to allow what part of me is film to die just because I’m currently a teacher. Its hard enough trying to write a script now, knowing full well that I have lesson plans to write.

I love going to the movie theater and I just need it to happen.

–Cos AKA Socram

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