Christian Bale joins Terminator Salvation?

First Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I thought I’d give a look at movie rumors seeing that the guy that runs it (Garth Franklin) is out of Australia, and they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving Day today, so I figured that they’d have some new posts up and boy is this a big one!

I call this one: Batman vs Terminator!


Christian Bale Joins “Terminator 4”

By Garth Franklin
Wednesday November 21st 2007 12:57pm

Ain’t It Cool News reports that Batman himself Christian Bale is to become a part of the Terminator franchise next year.

The site indicates that Bale has been cast as John Connor in the upcoming fourth feature film “Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins” for Warner Bros. Pictures.

McG is helming the project which begins shooting early 2008 and hopes to kick off a new trilogy of future-set films covering the war between humanity and the robots of Skynet.

The project is on target for a Summer 2009 release.

This is huge! I know I spoke poorly of McG in a post a few days ago, but this addition to the franchise brings a whole new set of credibility. I’m a little more excited now. Lets see if this rumor holds true and isn’t just a Thanksgiving Day joke!


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