Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls story and poster

So, there is a lot I have to update the blog on, it has been a while, like the Doty’s new puppy Mickey, our Christmas Tree that we just got today and about a month worth of CMWF World Heavyweight Championship news. But first, here is an update with the story and poster from Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls:


“Indiana Jones” Poster & Story News

By Garth FranklinMonday
December 10th 2007 2:25am

Just as the official site has released the official poster for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” USA Today has also revealed some confirmed details from the super-secret plot.

First up, the action is set at the height of the Cold War in 1957 which mean the character has aged in real time — 19 years since 1989’s “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

Once the now quiet-life leading archaeologist is thrust back into danger, the signature Indiana Jones red line tracing across the map will take him to New Mexico, Connecticut, Mexico City and the jungles of Peru on a quest for South American relics with supernatural powers.

Despite all the gray-hair jokes, Indy is still swinging from dangerous precipices and absorbing punches. In the process he’s racing for the Crystal Skull against operatives from the Soviet Union, including Cate Blanchett as the seductive Agent Spalko, and Ray Winstone as an unethical rival archaeologist.

The theory behind the skulls themselves are that they are shaped by either higher powers, alien powers, or an ancient Mayan civilization.

Here is the poster:

What’s interesting and cool about the story involving the Crystal Skulls is that its taking from real artifacts that have been found and are extremely unexplained. I first heard of them from a hair cutter who was cutting my hair and I just thought he was crazy but then I saw a documentary about them and it was pretty freaking crazy, then I bought a book called “Guide to the World’s Greatest Treasures” and the skulls are one of the first chapters in the book. So, when I heard that the next Indiana Jones movie goes the route of the crystal skulls I got pretty excited.

I tried to look up quickly a website for the crystal skulls (a real one about the real thing) I couldn’t find a site on them as nice as I would have hoped, but I found this one: I didn’t read through the whole thing, but it should give you an idea of what they are.


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