Netflix list: So far (12/15/07)

I haven’t updated this since September, even though I thought I did it either in October or November. Back in September we had seen 13 movies, here is the list (in reverse) of what we’ve seen so far:

Last night, after going to the movies (I’ll get to that a little later) we saw a DVD, so here is the list:

41. Blood and Chocolate–> didn’t really keep my interest, reminded me a lot like number 33 on the list below, Skinwalkers, taking Werewolves and trying to make them interesting. This one was a Dud.

40. Blood Diamond–> probably one of the better films we’ve seen off of Netflix in a long long time. I enjoyed this film. It gives us all a different perspective of what is going on in Africa with diamonds.

39. Superbad–> the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time off of Netflix. I recommend it to whoever needs a good laugh. I do think certain parts drag on for too long. The movie could have been a half hour shorter. But I still enjoyed it.

38. Epic Movie–> is what it is, a spoof on a whole bunch of movies, it was made by the same people who made Date Movie, not that great, skip it if you have something better to do.

37. Hot Rod–> utter waste of time. we didn’t even get through the first fifteen minutes of this film.

36. Reno 911!: Miami–> funny, just a bigger version of the movie relocated in Miami.

35. An American Haunting–> not bad, it was ok, not much too it.

34. I Know Who Killed Me–> this one didn’t hold my interest.

33. Skinwalkers–> crap.

32. Hostil Part II–> I didn’t care much for the first one, but this one makes the first one good somehow. Just an utter disappointment that could have been better.

31. License to Wed–> garbage. seriously a waste of time.

30. Turistas–> a little better, then Hostil Park II, but not by much.

29. Ocean’s 13–> very disappointing, better than the second one (which wasn’t hard) but pales in comparison to the first. a waste of time and a waste of money to have been made.

28. Captivity–> blah!

27. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry–> funny, highly recommend it, and not just because Jessica Biel is in it.

click to continue the list of dvd mini reviews from our list of Netflix:

26. 1408–> one of the better Stephen King stories to be adapted to the screen (not counting The Shinning obviously). We saw one ending and then I read on IMDB that the real ending sounded better. I recommend this movie, its good for being a PG-13 Stephen King film and I also would recommend watching both endings if the version of the DVD offers both.

25. 28 Weeks Later–> I enjoyed this movie, I think I even enjoyed it better than the first one, I would love to see a third installation of it. I love zombies!

24. Next–> waste of time, the special effects were horrible! it didn’t have many special effects in it but the ones they had would have been good back in 1996, not today in 2007. Jessica Biel couldn’t even help this one out…

23. The Condemned –> Stone Cold Steve Austin’s starring debut of a movie, the best WWE film to date, but not the greatest. I wish that they wouldn’t just have their wrestlers in films where all they do is fight (yeah I know they’re wrestlers, but they don’t have to always fight, I would prefer a real action movie, these fighting movies where two (or more) characters have a confrontation a duke it out went out of style in the 90’s) with a little bigger budget they could have a kick ass movie. better than The Marine and I still haven’t seen Kane’s “See No Evil” but I heard it wasn’t much better.

22. Zodiac–> Long but great, this was probably the last time I saw a movie as good as Blood Diamond. kept my interest and it had a great ending, a real ending, as opposed to faking the end and giving it a fictious ending like The Black Dalia.

21. I think I Love My Wife–> crap!

20. Norbit –> even bigger dump of crap!

19. Wicker Park–> long, and in the end pointless really, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

18. Syriana–> ok…long…same kind of idea as Babel. Not really my favorite type of movies.

17. Black Snake Moan–> I enjoyed this movie, I don’t know why, but it kept my interest. not highly recommended, I wouldn’t tell you to rush out to see this, but if its on tv and you have nothing better to do, sit down and watch it.

16. Perfect Stranger–> not the Basic Instinct type of movie the trailer made it out to be, I was disappointed with both Halle Berry and Bruce Willis, it just wasn’t a good movie at all.

15. Marie Antoinette–> eh! nothing to write home about. another disappointment. don’t bother wasting your life with this one.

14. Blades of Glory–> I liked this one, I laughed, didn’t care much for the ending, but I thought it was an escape from reality that I didn’t mind at all.

Here are the rest of the films that I reviewed prior to September:
13. Deja Vu
12. The Hitcher
11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
10. The Hills Have Eyes 2
9. Breach
8. Dead Silence
7. The Holiday
6. Apocalypco
5. Vacancy
4. Accepted
3. Disturbia
2. Babel
1. The Night Listener

Up next: The Decent, Reign Over Me, and the Rob Zombie remake to Halloween.

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