Possible title to the next James Bond movie

I don’t know if I like this title. I think its beginning to be a new trend in films to name films after either someone’s full name or a nickname or something like that. “The Dark Knight” for the next Batman movie, “The Man of Steel” for the next Superman movie (which they haven’t even started writing–and they won’t be until the damn strike is over), “Rocky Balboa” for the sixth Rocky movie, and even “John Rambo” as the name of the next Rambo movie. Aside from what is rumored to be the next films title, the only other possibilty that they would be left to do would be “James Bond” as the title. And don’t think that they haven’t considered that one either.

from darkhorizons.com:

Next Bond Entitled Simply “007”?
By Garth Franklin
Friday December 14th 2007 12:45am

Online rumours are spreading like wildfire thanks to a UK TV interview with Daniel Craig this week.

According to AICN, Craig was asked about the title to which he said “It’s more of a number. Because the first movie dealt with him earning his 00 status and now he is 007 for the first time.”

Asked if 007 is actually the title, he responded that he might have said too much. If true it would be a major shake-up for the franchise, and the shortest title since the first film – 1964’s “Dr. No”.

Also comes word today from the British tabloids that British actress Gemma Arterton has landed one of the lead Bond girl roles.

Eh. I would prefer a real name for this movie rather then this cop out. Just my opinion.


PS still haven’t figured out which House pic to use for my user pic…

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