Meet John Iris “The Baptist” Cosme

So, Melissa and I went to Walmart and we were walking through the pet area and we saw some Beta fish (which we haven’t had in a long long time. I think the last one we had was a pretty dark blue one that we named Kenyatta after my Resident Director, who by the way loved the fact that the fish was named after him). We chose this fish because he was a very handsome looking fish.

On the way out we were discussing possible names for the fish. I said “Mufasa” she said Lucifer, I said Mesphisto, she said Fire then fixed it to Fuego (mostly because he’s red really). Then she said, “no, I think I’m going to call him John…” to which I added “‘The Baptist’?” And she said, “well, he is in water…”

The middle name came about because Peanut Chew has my father’s name of Efrain, and so, John has my mom’s middle name of Iris. So, John Iris Cosme (even though he’s a boy). He has a great wrestling name though, John “The Baptist” Cosme. If he lives long enough, he might even have the World Heavyweight Championship.

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