Goodbye 2007!

It began as the Worst of Years and it ended with being the Best of Times.

We didn’t walk into 2007 with many positive events. My Grandfather passed away in February and then Larry passed in May. But we pushed through and we are continuing to push through. Melissa had her Wedding Shower and Bachelorette Party. I had two Bachleor Parties (three if you count the trip to Joe’s Bar and Grill with my parents–though there weren’t any strippers at the Bar and Grill place, but that probably would have been too weird).

Melissa and I got married and it was the perfect day ever. We’ve got the pictures to prove it! We went to St. Lucia for our Honeymoon (and dammit, I wish we were still there…”Big Bamboo?”) and we had the most amazing time.

Peanut turned two and I got a new Honda Civic! We’re looking for a house and things may have started out bad but I think they ended up being pretty good.

Goodbye 2007…You left us with some memories that I’m sure we’ll never forget…


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