Netflix list: So far (1/12/08)

Something interesting I noticed was that we only saw two movies off of Netflix in the month of October. There were two things that happened around this time, first of all our Wedding (which we will be celebrating our three months of marriage tomorrow) as well as our Honeymoon, but also around this time the beginning of the (pre-writers strike) television season went into full effect. Our time was taken up by House, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy and everything else that we love to watch on a daily basis.

December had the highest number of views with sixteen movies, followed by November with twelve. September had eleven and August (which we only had Netflix for 3/4 of the month we watched ten). October we had two. Count them two! October was ultra busy month. November into December was the time that shows went on breaks (for either holiday reasons or writer’s strike reasons–but December was the month that really suffered from lack of TV shows and now we’re all going to suffer with reality shows aside from a chosen few shows that were shot with the specific idea of it being a mid-season replacement).

Anyway, now that I put that out there as my observations, here is the list of movies we’ve seen off of Netflix so far:

56. Death Sentence–> By James Wan, the man who directed the first Saw movie (as well as Dead Silence–> which was CRAP!!!) has redeemed himself from the craphole of a horror movie that was Dead Silence. Kevin Bacon is the man in this movie as he channeled Charles Bronson in Death Wish and went on a vigilante killing spree getting revenge on the gang members who killed his family. Probably one of the better movies I’ve seen off of Netflix in a long while. We just saw this one tonight so this one is fresh on my mind.

55. The Heartbreak Kid–> the first team up of Ben Stiller and the Farrely Bros. in ten years since There’s Something About Mary isn’t on par with Mary, but its a good, funny, and enjoyable romp in the world of Stiller. Don’t expect Mary or even Dumb and Dumber, but watch this one, you’ll laugh. I promise.

54. Timeline–> maybe not up to the quality of Michael Critchon’s Jurassic Park, but this MC book adapted into a movie but Richard Donner wasn’t terrible. Typical movie. I think of it as more on the side of Congo then on the side of Sphere (which I think of as a tremendously horrible adaptation). I enjoyed it. But then again, I am a fan of time travel.

53. Shoot ‘Em Up–> not even crap, shit is actually a better word for this movie.

52. Resident Evil: Extinction–> better than the second one, but seeing that I wasn’t a crazy fan of the first one to begin with that’s not saying much. But like Melissa, I do love zombie movies! Its a fun movie, I’d recommend it for a good mind numbing experience.

51. Rush Hour 3–> Not nearly as good as Rush Hour 2, in fact, I wish they didn’t even make it so that my memory of the series was on a good note, not this. This just brings all the Three-quels (the name that was given by the media to all of the sequels that were the third part of a franchise this past summer–as in Pirates 3, Spiderman 3, Ocean’s 13, Shrek the third, Resident Evil: Extinction and whatever other movies ended in 3 or were the third part) to an almost end for me. I’m still missing The Bourne Ultimatum (the third Bourne movie) but until I rewatch Bourne Identy and watch Bourne Supremacy, I don’t have anything to say about that last one.

50. The Weather Man–>I liked this movie, anything with Nic Cage can usually be good, but like Running with Scissors, I can’t say that I truly enjoyed it. I’d skip this one if I were you.

49. Open Season–> This computer generated cartoon about a bear and deer trying not to get hunted was fun. But I wouldn’t recommend it to those who usually love the Pixar movies, it doesn’t have the sueveness of those films and its a poor excuse to cash in on the CG cartoon craze hollywood is currently in.

48. Running with Scissors–> crazy movie based on the memoirs of some guy who had a strange experience growing up. can’t say I didn’t like this movie, but I can’t say that I really enjoyed it either. I felt that it kind of went no where.

47. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe–> it was ok, sadly, we saw Epic Movie first and if you see that horrible spoof you know enough to skip this one. However, we do want to see the next one, Prince Caspian, which comes out in the summer.

46. The Messengers–>blah!

45. Halloween–> I enjoyed this movie, I thought that it was a great re-imagination of the classic film. I just want to see more.

44. The Simpsons Movie–>Loved this one. You can see Melissa’s cousin’s name in the credits (Craig) its the part where Hormer comments that they should pay attention to who helped to make the movie.

43. Reign Over Me–> I didn’t care for this one, I also think that even though we’re about six years away from 9/11 people shouldn’t make movies about those who suffer from the loss of family from that tragic day.

42. The Decent–> utter waste of time of a horror movie. it didn’t even have an ending!

click the link to see what else we’ve seen:

41. Blood and Chocolate
40. Blood Diamon
39. Superbad
38. Epic Movie
37. Hot Rod
36. Reno 911!: Miami
35. An American Haunting
34. I Know Who Killed Me
33. Skinwalkers
32. Hostil Part II
31. License to Wed
30. Turistas
29. Ocean’s 13
28. Captivity
27. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
26. 1408
25. 28 Weeks Later
24. Next
23. The Condemned
21. I think I Love My Wife
20. Norbit
19. Wicker Park
18. Syriana
17. Black Snake Moan
16. Perfect Stranger
15. Marie Antoinette
14. Blades of Glory
13. Deja Vu
12. The Hitcher
11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
10. The Hills Have Eyes 2
9. Breach
8. Dead Silence
7. The Holiday
6. Apocalypco
5. Vacancy
4. Accepted
3. Disturbia
2. Babel
1. The Night Listener

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