Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I have to admit when I first heard of a show that followed Sarah Connor around trying to save her son John from the impending threat of Skynet sending back Terminators to kill him I scoffed. Like I tend to do when things like this come up. I did it way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back before a thing like a blog came about when I heard rumbling about a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I did it not too long ago when I heard that they were getting a new James Bond. And in the end I tend to love them…not always, but more so then usual. And with Terminator, a film, a series, a franchise that I loved since I was young (I think I saw the first two way back when I was in sixth grade–hell, I even remember asking for the tape for Christmas and sneaking downstairs in the middle of the night, bring the wrapped present up to the bathroom upstairs and quietly opening it up and hushing my “YES!” so as not to wake my parents up–Terminator 2: Judgement Day was the first script that was purchased for me. Every so often when I was about to write an action script I would take it out and read it again. Skim through it. Read what James Cameron wrote about his experience in writing a sequel. I can even remember on the trip from the airport in Puerto Rico, on my first of two trips (not counting the lay over during my Honeymoon) I remember seeing the name “Terminator 2: Judgment Day on a movie theater billboard, way back in 1991.

Then years later I would be disappointed to watch the third installment. Not that it was horrible, but it didn’t have the excitement that the 2nd one had. All the elements that had made the original one so great were gone. They had an opportunity to have the first female Terminator and she didn’t do anything! She was just a normal Terminator. Nothing special. And Arnold was a waste as the regular, obsolete model Terminator. T3: Rise of the Machines was a complete rehash of the 2nd film except for the last scene.

And then I read this past Friday a review about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and it was heavily negative and I have to say that my expectations were lowered tremendously. After seeing trailers for this show I was psyched to see what they could do with such a great concept. The time between T2 and T3 (even though after seeing the movie and reading everything I could about the film they have completely ignored the events of T3 and explained it away as an alternate timeline). But I have to say, that from what I saw of the pilot tonight (and tonight alone) I have no problems with anything that they’ve put before us.

I actually really enjoyed it!

Yes, you heard me, and perhaps I’m the only one that does (probably not) but I really enjoyed it. I’ll be watching the second episode tomorrow and I’ll probably have a better idea of whether this series will have legs or not. I hope it does. I hope it blows everything away and stays around for a while. I need a good action series on TV. Its been too long. Oh, I’ll be watching tomorrow and I’ll also review it. And I’ll let you know if you should follow along with me as well.


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