Rumble Picks

Instead of taking the 4:30 train into the city, I took a second to relax, it was a marathon of a day. Melissa and I went to Pt. Pleasant, with my parents and met up with her parents, Jenna (Melissa’s sister) and Jenna’s boyfriend Lou for a Birthday Brunch. Then we came up here and we looked at a house that had an open house today (I’ll get more into house shopping a little later–during the week). I decided to stay and relax for a moment and with that said, here are my picks for tonight:

Chris Jericho vs JBL
I don’t foresee this one going either way. Jericho just returned and so did JBL, I can see this feud going on more match if not two more (culminating at Wresltmania 24). I see this one ending with a Disqualification.

Winner: No Contest

United States Championship
MVP (champ) vs Ric Flair
Seeing that Ric Flair winning the United States Championship would not be conducive for his storyline I don’t see this one going either way either. But it would definitely push his story even more. And before he retires he should have one last title run.

Winner and New United States Champion: Ric Flair

World Heavyweight Championship
Rey Mysterio vs Edge (champ)
Unless there is a title change between now and before Wrestlemania 24, there would be no point in Mysterio getting the championship.

Winner and Still Champion: Edge

WWE Championship
Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton (champ)
I think this is the only one that has potential for a title change because next month at the No Way Out Pay Per View they are rumored to be having an Elimination Chamber match and that would be a great place for Orton to regain the Championship.

Winner and New Champion: Jeff Hardy (I know its a long shot, but a man can dream)

The Royal Rumble:
There are only three guys that might win this one and its between Triple H, Batista and The Undertaker. Triple H doesn’t need the win and I’m not a big fan of Batista and I think it would add to the whole Undertaker mythology.

Winner and #1 contender for any World Championship at Wrestlemania 24: The Undertaker.

I’m probably way off, but we’ll see.


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