I received the most recent “Script!” magazine a while ago and in it, as there always is, were some script contests that I never apply for. Granted I haven’t really written a full script in a long time. I’d even say the last time I wrote a script that was even over 90 pages (the length of a full length feature film–the lengths can be between 90–120 pages long, a page per minute, even if the movie isn’t that long or longer. And for those movies like Titanic or The Departed which are over 2 hours, they are equally as long) in about five years. Probably the last one that I wrote that was that long was my L.B.I. script. Not that I haven’t written anything in the last few years. I did write Ethan Ross and I wrote The Waiting Game (although that was more for a skeleton of a film) as well as other things, most of which I never finished (I did write a script by hand that was a hundred a forty pages and I did start to transcribe it, but I kept adding so much to it that I eventually gave up on it…though its still on my mind and I still plan on rewriting it).

But something hit me this time. I need to finish something. I’ve been working on a script for the last few months that I had started over a year and a half ago, that honestly has been brewing inside of me for well over three maybe even four years (as do many of my scripts) and I’m just putting this out there so that everyone keeps on my ass about it. But in the “Script!” magazine there are a handful of contests that I want to submit this one for. One of which is called The Big Break! and its deadline is June 1st. Not bad right, I have some time to get that one out there. But I want to submit to as many as I can. Not that I want to stretch myself too thin, but, there is another one that the deadline is May 1st and I’d like to get that one in too.

I have my Spring Break, starting Good Friday (March 21st) through Friday March 28th and I have already started writing it (I believe I started the rewrite back in November during the Fall Break) and I’ve been putting in pages here and there over the last few months and I’m already at 50-60 pages and I’m just in need of finishing the damn thing. I know what I need to do, and I just need the motivation to do it. And if doing it for myself, the future or the Glory of Rome! or whatever, then god dammit, I’m doing it for a contest!

I’m projecting that I have it done (or as close to done as humanly possible) by March 28th. Giving me a month to rewrite and be able to send it to the May 1st contest. Which gives me two months to rewrite for the June 1st contest.

Come on people, I need all of your help. Call me, e-mail me, text me, BUG ME!!! Keep on me. You’re not going to be nagging me. If I’m not working on this script what the hell am I doing?

I need some fire under my ass. I’m tired of this shit (sorry for cursing but I need to be excited about something! I know I’m in the process of buying a house and that is completely ubber exciting and at the same time emotionally crazy!) work sucks, I’m going to be honest with you. Its fine for the time being, but my whole life from the time I was little all I have ever wanted to do was write. AND I’M NOT WRITING! And its no ones fault but my own. I’ve allowed it to happen. Now its time to do something about it.

I may not win the contests. I may not get to where I want to go. But I’m going to get this script written and get me out of my writers slump. I have to…I need too…

…I will.

Wish me luck.


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