Writing Update

Day two of writing and I’m doing pretty good. I got farther yesterday then I thought I would. Before this week I have been on and off with the writing of this since last November when I had my last week off (not counting Christmas week). So I started yesterday off on page 50 and I closed the day on page 84. Today I got to page 106. If only page number actually meant a job well done. I know that this is an extremely rough draft for the script. I’m hoping to get things done, or next to being done by either tomorrow or Thursday, so that I can print it out and start the re-writing process. I usually do my best re-writing by taking the script and ripping it apart (either crossing things out and/or adding things on the sides, even to the point of writing on the backs of pages things that should be added), hopefully by Friday I’ll be able to do that.

I’ve been enjoying this so far. Although at times some of the stuff, at least in my mind seems to be very uninspired (dialog or action in scenes) I feel that at least things are being put from head to computer and its finally taking some form of a story. And that’s really all it needs right now. Before I show it off to people I’m going to re-write it at least once (maybe twice) just so that I’m happy with it.

Ultimately I hope I don’t end up like our typing friend up there. I really enjoy my hands and face and wouldn’t want to loose my mind to my work.


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