Nabaztag: The Internet Connected Rabbit

So, I was on the blog, obviously, and earlier today on my blog this add popped up:

click to make bigger

I sent the pic to myself and Melissa and left it in my e-mail and it kept bothering me, what is it? So, I looked it up, I typed in Nabaztag into yahoo (which recently I’ve been liking a lot more than google, even though by default I always go to google to look up all of my internet searching needs. But, if I can for a moment, and this is my blog so dammit, you I am going to go on some little rant or something but, yahoo has this cool option that whatever you type into its search it gives you options to click on. I type in Nabaztag and a bunch of options popped up underneath and I picked the one I wanted and here I am!) and I got to this website:

It comes up as The First Smart Rabbit. Which depending on when they first came out Peanut may have beaten them (which with a little bit of research, Peanut does in fact beat them as being the first smart rabbit, they were introduced on Dec. 12th, 2006 Peanut was born Nov. of 2005! I went to ( and they say that Nabaztag is Armenian for “rabbit”). The main page gives you options for buying a rabbit, or if you have a rabbit you go to a special place. The buying option is weird because they also give you an option to “adopt” a rabbit (which when I saved the pic for adopt a rabbit, which should be below, it was saved as “adoptez_un_lapin-on” lapin being the type of species rabbits are in, along with their cousins, deer, if you didn’t know. They are not related to rodents in any way–contrary to popular belief). goes on to say that the Nabaztag is a Wi-Fi (if you don’t know what Wi-Fi is ask me or follow this link: enabled electronic device in the shape of a rabbit, invented by Rafi Haladjian and Olivier Mével, and manufactured by Violet [1]. Nabaztag is a “smart object” comparable to those manufactured by Ambient Devices; it can connect to the Internet (for example to download weather forecasts, read its owner’s email, etc). It is also fully customizable and programmable.

If we venture a little more into this we see that we have entered into the Ztore (I guess its a cool type of store…) who’s tag line is:

which I’m assuming you might have to click on to make bigger.

They sell ears:

of different colors.

As well as Nabaztag Rabbits (here are their pics and what they are supposed to do:


The original Internet Connected Rabbit: the first generation Nabaztag. He, blinks, sings your MP3 songs, speaks and of course, move his ears.
99.00 USD


Everything on the Internet spoken, sang, played, and danced by the most adorable and obliging of Rabbits
199.00 USD

When Mr. A took Nabaztag under his wing, he turned it into the newest creation of a Pop Icon
299.00 USD

And finally, here are a few pics that pop up in between certain pages:

And on a final thought, I just wanted everyone to know, I want one. 😀


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