Rocket Dog Jones

So, I’ve wanted to post this update for the last few days. After some long consideration and thought, Melissa and I decided to take Rocket back to her parents to be with their Chihuahua, Mickey. Rocket is great dog, but for how small he was, he was really a lot to handle and too much of a change of lifestyle.

We couldn’t just get up and go somewhere, we went to see The Dark Knight (a two and a half hour movie with half hour worth of trailers–that’s three hours too long for a little dog) and when we got home at ten at night after a whole day by himself with maybe twenty minutes for a walk and spend time with one of us before the movie, he was ready for fun and wouldn’t go to bed.

Rocket really needed another dog to entertain himself. Peanut did not want that job, Peanut stuck to the sides of the room and never ventured far enough away from an escape route. Rocket was more of a playful animal and Peanut ever wanted to be.

Melissa’s father said that if we hadn’t adopted Rocket he would have for Mickey, and so in the end it works out for everyone. Rocket (now nicknamed Rocky–though that makes Melissa and I grind our teeth at the sound)and Mickey are best of friends and all they do is play fight and tire each other out by the end of the day.

Melissa and I are still both saddened but at the same time both relived that we can go about our business and do what we want without having to worry about the little dog. We’re all very much happy and we’ll continue to update the blog with info about Rocket. We do have visitation rights as well as weekends whenever we want or whenever her parents go somewhere. We’ll both miss our little alien rat dog but know that he’s having fun with his little dog friend.


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