Computers to replace TVs

This one is interesting and I can see it happen very quickly too, from

Study: Computers To Replace TV’s
30 July 2008 10:26 AM, PDT

A new study has made the startling conclusion that as much as 20 percent of TV viewing now occurs online. The study, from Integrated Media Measurement Inc., also found that of that 20 percent, about half now use their computers as a substitute for their TV sets. The other half use it to watch program episodes that they have missed (“catch-up” viewing) or have already seen (“fill-in”). Some 30 percent of those watching shows online, it said, are adults 25-34. The study is likely to concern TV ad buyers who have previously been assured that online presentation of TV shows does not cannibalize the broadcast audience. In an interview with Advertising Age, Amanda Welsh, who heads research for Immi, said, “This is the first single-source passive data to show that the migration from one platform to another is actually occurring — and it’s happening fast.” The study concluded that it “is only a matter of time” until most viewers use computers to receive all television programs.

So many people use the internet as a way to find things out and I’ve been seeing and hearing more and more people catching up on their tv shows on the internet, so why not right? In fact a lot of stations have been adding the commercials to the viewing on the internet because they still want to make money.


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