Update on Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 4 and 5

Originally I had posted that both Maguire and Raimi were back for the next two movies (posted on Sept. 6th, see here for the posting: http://socramforever.livejournal.com/474509.html), so now here is an update on just how much Tobey will be making.

from darkhorizons.com:

Maguire’s $50M “Spider-Man” Deal?
By Garth FranklinTuesday,
September 16th 2008 1:08am

The less-than-verbose 33-year-old actor will allegedly score that salary, plus profit shares, to shoot two further “Spider-Man” films back-to-back over six months next year reports The Times.

What’s interesting is that there’s a distinct stipulation in the contract – that he be granted ‘family time’, ie. to take early mornings and evenings off, to spend time with his 22 month-old daughter Ruby Sweetheart.

In the next few days Sony is expected to reveal whether actress Kirsten Dunst, who has been struggling with clinical depression, will be returning as his on-screen love interest Mary Jane Watson.

So, that’s 25 million per movie. Apparently its cheaper to shoot two movies back to back rather than shoot them separately. If Pirates 2 and 3 told us anything its quite the contrary because once you’re done (or almost done) with one, the studio has you stop everything to finish one movie and then everything goes to crap. Pirates 2 cost somewhere around 200-250 million to make and Pirates 3 cost between 300-350 to make. I’d say 600 million dollars for two RUSHED movies really isn’t worth it. Put the time and effort into one movie and make it count! But that’s just my perspective on it. Who am I?


One thought on “Update on Tobey Maguire in Spiderman 4 and 5

  1. flammable says:

    You are right!

    They should do it correctly the first time, or they’ll end up with another Spider-Man 3 (which kind of sucked). I wonder if Sam Raimi will come back – didn’t the cast say they wouldn’t come back without him?

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