Johnny Depp signs for Pirates of the Carribean 4?

This one is old news. I’m signed up to receive Variety (as in the movie rumor KINGS of the world) updates daily and this one came in on Thursday. But, if you’ve been paying attention, we picked Cassie up on Thursday, so I couldn’t post this one up. Check it out:


Disney, Depp return to ‘Caribbean’
Actor also signs on for ‘Ranger,’ ‘Wonderland’

Johnny Depp is the main man at the Mouse House.

Depp has agreed to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in a fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” pic and play Tonto in a bigscreen adaptation of “The Lone Ranger,” both produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. He will also star as the Mad Hatter in Tim Burton’s version of “Alice in Wonderland.”

The roles come after Depp helped Disney earn a combined $2.6 billion at the box office with the three pics in the “Pirates” franchise, also produced by Bruckheimer.

“Alice in Wonderland,” skedded for 2010, will be shot using 3-D and performance capture technology similar to that used for “Beowulf.”

Depp’s casting deals closed a full day Wednesday at the Kodak Theater, where Walt Disney Studios chairman Dick Cook touted the Mouse’s upcoming slate of pics during a showcase event for exhibitors, media and other industry insiders.

Ok, I’m excited. I’m hoping they follow the “Fountain of Youth” storyline that they start towards the end of the third one (which apparently was supposed to be the basis of the second one before they decided to go the route that they did). I’m looking forward to this. I mean like I got all giddy thinking about it. Look at me, I’m smiling!


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