Extended Birthday Week in review

What started last weekend with the Cruise to Nowhere (which I did publish some pics of below–which in all actuality was a Christmas present, but is considered a huge birthday wish come true).  Wednesday was my actual birthday, I turned 27, took off of work (truth be told, it was snowing and I just didn’t want to fear for my life on the day of my birth); and my parents came to our house and we all had dinner and cake (and presents!).

For my birthday from my parents I received a Blue Tooth, and I’m starting to think I look like one of those Star Trek characters The Borg.

Here I am:


Here is Captain Picard when he was forced into joining the hive known as The Borg:


I see a resemblance…do you?

The week continued on Thursday when my students threw me a surprise party. And to think, I actually did have work for them to do and I just felt bad stopping the party that they so carefully planned and to make them do work. They had a freebie on Thursday.

We went down to South Jersey on Friday and on Saturday Melissa’s parents took me out for my birthday and on Sunday my parents took me to my regular birthday place, The Spanish Tavern, it was amazing! Great food.

Thus ended my Extended Birthday Week. I do believe that this year was the year that I’ve had the most amount of people wish me “Happy Birthday” either via phone call, or text or e-mail or in person or however one can communicate with someone.

Also, Melissa got me tickets to the AMC Theater’s Best Picture marathon thing, where they play all the Best Picture movies in one day. I’m so freaking excited.


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