YouTube Initiative

I noticed the other day that on my youtube account, up until that point I had not posted any videos in over six month. And in truth, I barely have anything on there to begin with. So, I decided, seeing that there are a lot of videos that I’ve meant to post over the years, seeing that I’ve had a digital camera for the better part of the last six-seven years that could take video, that I should start posting videos onto youtube. Maybe, even, posting a video a night. I posted the Cruise to Nowhere video today on the blog, but I had it upload last night on youtube.

I have so many videos that I can post on here that I figured why not start, and so I’m starting with a video that should have been posted way back when it was first taped. This one goes back to July 11th, 2005 when Melissa and I went to the then named Continental Airlines Arena to see Raw and they had a post-taping Dark Match and Triple H enters first:

Shockingly, I never posted this anywhere, so enjoy.


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