Random dialogue of the Day

While doing some cleaning up in my yahoo e-mail inbox, I came across this e-mail between myself and Melissa and I think its fitting for what the weather is supposed to be like here on the East Coast the next few days (written on February 3rd):

Cos- I can’t wait to get home to snow…Peanut and Cassie should start earning their keep and start shoveling that snow. I won’t allow them to use the snow blower, one would inevitably start chasing the other with it until they started some Mortal Kombat fight…

Mel- Hahaha cassie is pretty good at eating the snow— that’s ALL she was doing when I took her out this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if peanuts t res legs could hold the bar down and push the thing. He’s silly.

Cos- He might lose himself in the snow too! The snow might be too tall for him.

Sigh. I can’t wait for winter to be over.


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