Terminator: Salvation has ratings issues

Now, here is a refreshing idea…a movie franchise that has not been remade yet…yes, I’m having issues with remakes as of late. Which is why I’m happy that they have yet to remake The Terminator. And why would they? It had two sucessful sequel (I mean, some people would claim different with T3, but it made enough money to bring about this one and the TV series) so why would they even think to remake it if the audience is still there OR better yet! why don’t you just continue the story. If you can’t make original movies, why can’t you just improve upon and continue what is already there? What a novel idea! Which is what the minds behind Terminator: Salvation have done.

Anyway, I’ll probably be fuming about the remakes thing for a while, but regardless. Terminator: Salvation (or T:S or T4 or whatever people are going to call it, I don’t know) hit a slight snag on the ratings front. From darkhorizons.com:

“Terminator Salvation” Ratings Tussle

By Garth Franklin Sunday March 1st 2009 09:37AM
"Terminator Salvation" Ratings Tussle
Ever since he’s been involved in the project, “Terminator Salvation” director McG has been coy about the film’s final rating but has certainly indicated what he shot would be essentially what he wanted and likely be along a reasonable ‘moderate R rating’ like the other films in the series.

Over the weekend however during the WonderCon panel for the film, McG revealed that the film features a topless scene with actress Moon Bloodgood who serves essentially as this film’s defacto Sarah Connor and that executives at the studio are pressuring him to cut it.

The question of course is will that shot push the film into the tougher rating and hence potentially curbed box-office. Those involved, including Bloodgood herself to reporters later in the day, say the scene is very tastefully shot and if they didn’t think it was an essential part of the story they wouldn’t have done it.

More as it develops. Meanwhile the trailer which premiered at the con to major applause is set to hit theaters with “Watchmen” on Friday” and online in coming days.

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