The Silent Ninja Assassin

This past weekend, Peanut and Cassie have both been sick, Peanut had to go to the vet, so we’ve been very un-edge about things with them. In an effort to get things off my mind about them, Peanut in particular, I decided to post this short story I wrote a few years ago about him that I found recently while cleaning. Enjoy:

The Silent Ninja Assassin

A Peanut Chew Story

The Silent Ninja Assassin waited quietly, like he knew otherwise, in his cage all day. He paced back and forth wondering would he be let out. The beast within was longing to be free, but, his training had taught him otherwise.

He saw his mother walking over to the cage, he ran back and forth watching, ever so impatiently, for the door to come down. “Yes!” thought the little Assassin. The door opened and he hopped out and around the cage and behind the couch.

Now was his chance to use his training. Here he would wait for the right time. He sat behind the couch for what seemed like a lifetime, silently waiting, like he knew otherwise, for the sign. “What would the sign be?” he thought. But he did not know, however, he would know when the time was right.

“Don’t blink,” he kept thinking to himself. “If you do, you might miss it.” He sat behind the couch. Seconds turned to minutes and he sat there. He lowered himself to the ground to see past the couch, “a Silent Ninja Assassin stays quiet and still until the last possible moment.”

Suddenly, a movement from the kitchen, footsteps walking towards the living room, “Who is this.” The silent Assassin could hear his heart beat as he tried to see who was in the living room. Who ever it was sat at the seat in front of the computer. “Daddy!” thought the silent Assassin, “I mean…my target…” he corrected himself as he started walking closer.

The silent ninja Assassin moved quickly and quietly towards his target. Under one table and rushing swiftly over the open plains of the carpet. This is a very dangerous area to be on, being caught out here in the open could prove to be very hazardous to the mission. Under the big table, he stopped for a moment. He checked out the situation, to make sure he was still safe. He crept up to the other side of the big table, here he is the closest to his target; plus, so far, the target hasn’t even noticed his presence. This may be very easy.

The little silent ninja Assassin took a big deep breath and started the attack on the target. The Assassin ran in circles around the target and did not get the attention he wanted. He rubbed his head on the target and the target looked down and the little Assassin continued running around his target. He decided to switch it up and reverse his running and go through the middle all the while the target was laughing at the little Assassin.

The Assassin stopped and looked at the target, breathing heavily, “FOOL! I am trying to hypnotize you!” he thought. The little Assassin continue to run around the target as the target tried to grab at him.

“Its no use, he’s on to me,” thought the little Assassin. He decided to run off and jump back into his cage. He turned around to face the target who turns back to the computer.

The silent ninja Assassin sigh, “I guess I need more training.”


Here’s hoping you two feel better. Love you guys.


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