Peanut Chew and the week from hell

OK, so that is a long title, but its honestly how I felt. On Saturday the 7th we noticed Peanut was feeling well (as was Cassie, they were just feeling two completely different ailments) and we decided to take him to the vet. They diagnose it as one thing and we thought all was well. A few days go by and he has still to get better. So, we take him to the vet yet again (this was Wednesday March 11th).

They take an x-ray of him and they find that he has a bladder stone in his urethra (a very dangerous place, it was stopping him from urinating) and I actually did get a pic of his x-ray…mostly becaused we loved how his tail looked in the x-ray:


Needless to say, aside from the cute boney little tail, you can clearly see that there was something big and white at the end of his body, and that wasn’t supposed to be there.

Truth be told, rabbits don’t usually get stones in the bellies, let alone one of this size. This one was about the size of a grape and the doctor said she had never seen one of that size in a rabbit. The next few days were really touch and go. We honestly didn’t know if Peanut was going to make it out of this one and spent many hours either in deep thought, crying or simply walking around in our own zombie like state just wishing our little furry buns was back home where he belonged.


It wasn’t really until Sunday that he started showing signs that he was going to pull through and they were ready to send the little long ears back home. We just happened to get him back with a cone around his head. He was a little doped up the first few days, not really doing too much, but he still has the cone and he hates every minute of it. But I’m glad he’s back, it should be coming off his head any day now. We’re getting his stitches out on Tuesday and the doctor said he should keep the cone on for a few days after that.


I can’t wait to get my little boy back completely, without the cone and 100% back to normal.

Thank you to everyone who called, left messages and texts with concern for him. We love him and hope that he continues to do well.




PS Sorry about the lack of posting, we’ve been really busy.

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