I’ve been a bad blogger…

…what can I say? I’ve been so busy. I really have a lot of things saved in my e-mail to post on here, I have not had any time.

Peanut seems to be doing fine since this past Monday after pulling his cone off of his head and pulling out all of his stitches. We took him to the vet just to make sure everything was in order (if the little twitch had just waited one more day we would have had the doctor do it themselves) and they want to hire him to work for them, he did such a good job.

March has been a pain of the month, nothing but work the whole time. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. I’m tired of all of this. I need normalcy like you wouldn’t believe. (Which I guess won’t be any time soon, our water softener is acting up and I have to take off to get it fixed tomorrow…but at least I’ll be able to blog right? maybe…I’ve actually been writing recently so I’m going to give myself a chance and do a little more of that…)

Hope all is well.


7 thoughts on “I’ve been a bad blogger…

  1. mike says:

    Oh man, been so out of it, too. Nothing but work. I still have an email from you that I haven’t gotten to yet, which is pretty terrible for me.

    Hope Peanut’s feeling better (gotta see what happened!) and that you and Melissa are doing well!

    1. Marcos says:

      no worries man. I’ve been meaning to e-mail you! I did notice that I haven’t been receiving e-mails telling me that I have comments. I mean, I haven’t been getting that many comments, but I’ve been finding them on here on the dashboard rather than in my e-mail…any idea why that is happening?

    1. Marcos says:

      Oops! Sorry man. I’ve been busy. I actually did receive the e-mail. It was a breath of fresh air seeing it in my inbox. It has in fact been a while since I’ve seen one. Thank you very much.

      How is everything by the way?

  2. Mike says:

    Hey, no worries. Things have been pretty busy here, too.

    I’m okay. Just trying to get through things, one week at a time. How about you, man? 🙂

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