In An Effort to Actually Get Something on the Blog

Updated at 9:26 pm, the e-mail upload didn’t work, but enjoy:

In an effort to actually get something on the blog I’ve decided to try and e-mail one in again. I know it didn’t work properly the last time, but I’m attempting to busy myself and at least try and put something on here.

I have a list of things that I want to post about, I’ve been relatively busy, to say the least.

Things that I’ve wanted to write up about I’ll list below, I think it dates back to early March:

The end of 92.3 K-Rock (again)

Opie & Anthony

Cassie meets her mom (with video)

Arctic Hares

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


The Office

Parks & Recreation

Netflix so far

How I spent my Spring Break/ The new bathroom

Peanut Chew and his obsession with his pellets (aka his food)

Among some other things…I hope this actually gets put on the blog, it’ll also be a way for me to remember what I need to write about.


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