Peanut opens his food container

Remember a few years back, I posted a video on youtube with Peanut opening his cookie container? Well, checking to see if it was still up, I am reminded that when we changed over all the blog entries from the livejournal blog to this blog, none of the youtube video links stayed, so, I’ll just have to post both!


But I’ll post them in reverse order.

Not too long after his surgery, we had to limit Peanut’s rabbit food intake. Whereas we used to give him plenty of rabbit pellets, now we can only give him a small amount. So, whenever he can, if the container holding all of his food is on the floor, he’ll rush over and open it up and start eating. Here is the video:

Along with limiting his pellet intake, we no longer give him the cookies that were made famous in this video, which was posted on youtube way back in Oct. of 2006. Enjoy:


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