The Phantom Menace: 10 years later

This would have completely slipped by me if it were not for one of my favorite podcasts (Geek Out Loud) devoting an entire special episode to the beginning of the saga with Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace. I think that I’ve been really hard on this movie for (now) ten years, and its still, at least to me, a let down; but after hearing them do commentary (in their special way–I’m a fan of the two of them who were in this episode because they are the same two guys that do the Skynext podcast for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and I’ve been worried that I won’t be hearing them anymore because of the cancellation of the show, but this is the next best thing).


It was a really great two hours plus that they were literally dong their own commentary for the movie and putting in their own two cents about different aspects of the movie and even using the “Run!” line that they used throughout the Skynext podcast. I would highly recommend it. It took me a couple of days to post this because I only get a chance to listen too and from work and sometimes to the gas station or super market or random places around here, so something that is over two hours might take me a couple of rides.

I don’t know if I’d change my views on the movie, but I will definately watch it real soon (and probably laugh my ass off at some of the things I’ll see this time around) and remember back to my Junior year of High School when it first came out. Check out the podcast here at Geek Out Loud: Phantom Menace. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

It wouldn’t feel right for me to post a review (if you could even call it that) knowing that I haven’t seen Episode One in a couple of years and I think I might try and do that and give it a fair shot. I don’t think I’ve seen it since probably around the time that Episode Three came out and that was a few years ago.


Listening to Derek and Steve made me long for more commentary for the other five Episodes of the series and made me think about how I’ve honestly always wanted to read some of the Extended Universe stories but just always felt that I was too far behind at this point to ever be able to catch up. I’d love to read about the further adventures and continued adventures and explanations for a lot of different characters old and new, but I just don’t know if I’d really be able to get into them knowing how much more I’ve missed. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick up one of the books at some point in time in the future.

Great listen, so enjoy.


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