Mr. Kennedy Released from WWE

I just finished writing (I may not have much to show for it, but I actually went from page one–which I have been stuck at for about a month now and I wrote to page seven. Not that much I know, but its a lot seeing how I had both Smackdown! and Star Wars Episode One playing for the last five hours…and I’m not even done watching Episode One yet…I paused it for at least an hour to write…) and I decided to jump on here to see if anything was going on and I went on and I saw that WWE has released Mr. Kennedy.


This is shocking, there was a time that he was being built up to be the future of the company, but within the last two years he has been so injury prone that he has spent more time out of the ring than he has in the ring. In fact, the last time I actually cared about him was when he won the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 23, which he never had a chance to cash in because he got injured.

I cheered for him when he came out at the 2008 Royal Rumbel. He was the man! Its honestly a damn shame that he was so injury prone. In fact, in his comeback match on Monday, he got injured again.

TNA will probably pick him up and use him. I’m sure of it.

Anyway, here is his Titan Tron (entrance video) in remembrance of Mr. Kennedy in the WWE:

By the way, his entrance song in the above video was far superior to the crap one that he started coming out to (I’ll post the other one below and you compare and tell me), it was the same song but it just didn’t have the edge that the one above had. Just my opinion.

The dog is asleep and that is where I’m on my way too.


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