I’ve been bad with keeping up with the blog

I do have a couple of things to write about, but I’ve been trying my hardest to stay away from the internet, instead opting to stay downstairs and do whatever things need to be done around the house and outside in the yard as well as write. But, in terms of writing, I stay downstairs in the living room with my old lap top from my FDU days and I write and re-write scenes.

I’m currently about 59 pages into a sci-fi action/adventure script, I feel like I’m definitely going to go over the 120 pages (one page per minute method of screen writing) of a traditional screenplay, but I’m fine with that. I know I wrote a lot and that it’ll only be my first draft. But I feel like I’m not writing enough…not sure what to do…I know, simply turn the TV off, I’m sure Peanut and Cassie would be very happy about not hearing explosions, gun shots or laser blasts while they are trying to sleep during the day…

My goal for this week is to at least get to page 75-80, my projected end of the second act of the script. I doubt it’ll actually be the end of the second act, I’m not really following any form of writing at the moment and just getting thoughts down in the form of a screenplay. I mean its a linear story, starts at the beginning and it is currently in the (almost) middle. Its just taking a little longer than I expected. I keep coming up with ideas to add to things in the pages that I have already written, but that’s natural.

Anyway, I don’t like leaving blog entries without something visual, so I’ll post this picture I found on Facebook off of someone I went to high school with (he actually graduated the year after me) and I also trained in Tae Kwon Do with him. I’ll simply call him Dave.


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