Lack of blogging

Yeah, I know, I haven’t posted on here since last Wednesday…but I’ve been busy. I’ve been actively trying not to get caught on here when I could be writing my script. On Saturday, before going camping (yes, we went camping last Saturday) I was able to write about twelve pages worth of almost all description and action for–in my opinion–a pretty big scene. I was really please with my self.

Can’t say the same for this week though. Its been a hell of a week with barely any writing. I did remove a character that had actually changed twice for the beginning of the second act. The scenes that were removed with that character I feel speeds up the action. So, I guess it worked…On Saturday I got to page 77 (almost the 80 pages I had mentioned last week of wanting to get too) but because of the removal of a character I’m back down to 75 pages. No loss. In fact, seeing that I feel it runs smoother, I’m happier.

I will say that because the nature of the story (which, don’t bother looking for any explanation on it, I didn’t forget to post it, nor will you see a synopsis of it, I just don’t work like that. Most people won’t even know that I’ve written something until I hand them a printed version of it to read) I feel like I have 2 First Acts. If that doesn’t make sense, then maybe when I’m done with it, which will hopefully be before the end of August, you may just be someone who gets a chance to read it.

I have a couple of posts I’d like to get up here before the end of the day so keep an eye out for those.


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