Cell Pic(s) of the Day 8/31/09

Oh, how I miss August already…

This past weekend, Paula, Melissa’s mom, gave me these plates that she found at a store. It has a pirate parrot (which I don’t know if she gave it to me because I like Pirates or because I don’t want Pierre, the psycho  squawker! Anyway, I liked them, they are in the house, I think I’ll try and display them in my office, somehow. The office is slowly collecting a lot of odd objects past and present. But it’s my office and I love it.




This one below is my favorite, it has a monkey on the pirate parrot’s shoulder. I kind of think that I’m the pirate and the monkey is Peanut. Melissa sometimes calls him a monkey.


Here is a closer image of the one above. Look at the mean faced monkey! Reminds me of Peanut’s rage!


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