Good Advertising

So, while watching Raw from this past Monday (with everything going on this week, going back to work and Jenna’s wedding, I’m behind by a couple of days) I saw that Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Dusty Rhodes were in some skits. One of which had the three of them advertising for some DVDs (The Rise and Fall of WCW (which I hope to purchase really really soon), The Dusty Rhodes dvd, and The New and Improved DX dvd) and I first took this pic:


But it gave me some ideas, and seeing that I’m just waiting to go to bed, I jumped on the good ole Adobe Photoshop and worked some magic.

At first, I had wanted to put Peanut in Shawn Michaels hands, but the DVD box was just too big to remove and put my butter ball of a rabbit, so I made Peanut into a DVD:

The Rise of Peanut Chew

I made it a little bigger to read the title of Peanut’s DVD.

And, so, I went upstairs (which is where I am right now) and I quickly worked on Photoshop and I got the pic above. I went back down and I started thinking about adding more pics and I realized that the rest of the skit allowed for two more DVD covers. Which is when I took this pic:


I did some thinking and I came up with the next pic:


If for whatever reason you can’t read the DVD covers, here they are from left to right: “The Incredible Adventures of Peanut Chew”, “Rocket Dog is not my Brother”, and “I am going to EAT you Peanut!”

I doubt you’ll find these on but you can probably find “The Rise and Fall of WCW” along with the other two that were mentioned above.

So, now, I’ll just leave you with these thoughts, either the title for this post, Good Advertising, is appropriate, or something along the lines of: Too Much Time on My Hands.

You can be the judge on that one.


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