Pirates 4 gets a title

I saw this the other day and didn’t think too much about the title, I shrugged really, I just didn’t like the title. But then I looked on Dark Horizons.com and I read that the subtitle to the forth movie is based on a book and I read a little bit more and now I’m interested…now they’ve got me. Good job Disney…just don’t screw it up!

From darkhorizons.com:

Fourth “Pirates” Gets A Title

By Garth Franklin Sunday September 13th 2009 01:44AM
Fourth "Pirates" Gets A TitleThe biggest announcement at Disney Pictures‘ D23 Expo this year has been a title.

On Friday afternoon the company announced that the fourth “Pirates” film will be called “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” and is officially set for a Summer 2011 release.

It didn’t take long for several people to uncover that a Tim Powers’ novel called “On Stranger Tides” which deals with a pirate named Jack Shandy in a race against the legendary pirate Blackbeard and his crew of both living and undead to reach the Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain of Youth was hinted at in the final sequence of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” which makes the connection between this book and the next film quite distinct.

Powers novel includes elements such as cutlass-fights, sea-battles, voodoo magic, a love interest imprisoned and even puppeteering.

Yeah, so I looked it up and I found it on Amazon.com and I want it…hint hint hint! Christmas!


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