Rabbit Language or “Are you going to eat that?”


I recieved an e-mail from Bunspace this morning and saw this book called Rabbit Language or “Are you going to eat that?” and looked it up on Amazon and it looks like a pretty good read about rabbits. Melissa sent me this as something she read:

Rubbing chin on things, such as houseplants, priceless armoires, Italian leather shoes.

What it means
A great misconception: It does NOT mean marking territory. It is a rabbit custom, like saying grace before a meal. In short, “One day I will eat you.”

What you should do
Give your bunny more sticks and branches, keep your stuff off the floor, and kiss the antiques goodbye.

 Melissa: HAHAHAHAH peanut is going to EAT YOU!!!!!


I want this book…I feel like I need to be prepared…


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