Rabbit in Farmville

So, recently I’ve been playing some of those games on facebook like Rollercoaster Kingdom and Cafe World and most recently Farmville; which is about being a farmer and growing and raising your own farm. Someone sent me a rabbit as a gift so I took a picture of it. So, now I have a rabbit that I post pictures of in real life and one on the computer:


I’ve actually been spending a lot more time playing Rollercoaster Kingdom, I used to love Rollercoaster Tycoon and this game is kind of like that one.


PS actually, this isn’t the first time I’ve had a digital rabbit, I used to have a Digital Peanut Chew on myspace which I took a video of and posted on youtube, which I’ll post below:


I just thought about the last time that I, personally, have been on myspace and I want to say that its been almost two years. Melissa goes on my profile every now and then, but I don’t even know what myspace looks like. I think the world is in love with facebook now…

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