A few weeks ago (let’s be serious a month or so ago) Adam let me borrow his DVD set of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series. It has five DVDs of the first season of the cartoon series that I grew up on and I started watching it last night while waiting for TNA Impact! to start at nine. I have to say the first two episodes were really rough to get into and the third one barely started before I realized that it was nine and I could watch some wrestling (though not that very good). I vaguely remembered the episodes that I watched, but they did have almost a hundred episodes of the show. But I was afraid that I had crushed the image of show in my mind.

A number of years ago I was extremely excited to see that Disney was putting out the Dinosaurs TV show on DVD and I ran out and purchased the first two seasons on DVD and Melissa and I sat down and watched about two episodes before I shut off the DVD and tossed it into my collection (never to be ressurected again). What I once loved to watch back in the day, I just couldn’t stomach anymore. I used to watch the show soley because of Baby Sinclair and now the Baby was the reason why I couldn’t stand to watch anymore of it. Last night I was afraid that I had reached that point with the Ghostbusters show.

Today, I noticed that the fifth disc had a “Making Of” featurette and I watched it and it was a pretty well made, though too short, featurette and I decided to watch the three episodes that was also with disc 5 and I watched three that I remembered very clearly. I even remembered some lines from the show.

The cartoon reminded me of the toyline and I decided to quickly look up some pics on line of some of the toys and I found these off of


the one above was the first “weapon” or ghostbusting toy that my parents bought for me. it projected a ghost onto the screen. I want to say I was four or five when I bought this. I remember the first night I got this we came back from buying it and we went into the TV room of our house and turned off the lights and saw it project onto the walls.


the one above pre-dated the super soaker guns and this was one of my first water guns, but I remember getting this one and chasing poor Mathew around the house with a full tank water.




4 thoughts on “Ghostbusters

  1. Marcos says:

    You know what, after watching the making of, I realized that the first few episodes they were kind of figuring things out and would tweak the show as they went along. I’m watching some of the later episodes from the first season, like one with Mr. Sandman making everyone fall asleep and its pretty good.

  2. Mike says:

    Ha, cool. I watched some other show, can’t remember at the moment, and was kinda disappointed…I’ll need to go back and check.

    Right now, I’ve got that music running through my head from the Ghostbusters TV show, where they’d be investigating a ghost somewhere. The creepyish music.

  3. Marcos says:

    I loved the music. I’m watching it right now and remembering when I was little. I love reminiscing about the past. Cartoons were so much better. And as cheesy as the stories were, they still stand the test of time.

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