New Ghostbusters and Gremlins movies to be in 3D

I have absolutely no problem with this, as long as its not annoying. I hate seeing movies after they are out of the movie theater and after the glasses come off and you still have to deal with the crap that gets thrown at the screen in order to utilize the 3D aspect of the film. I haven’t seen Avatar yet, but I’ve heard it isn’t annoying and that it was used the way that 3D should be used.

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3D “Gremlins,” “Ghostbusters” In The Works

By Garth Franklin Monday January 25th 2010 08:35AM
3D "Gremlins," "Ghostbusters" In The Works
80’s cult film staples “Gremlins” and “Ghostbusters” are both looking to get new 3D sequels.

First up MarketSaw reports that a third “Gremlins” film is in the works and will be shot in 3D. The project is a brand new film rather than a 3D retrofit of the original but as it’s so early there’s no word on who will be penning the script.

The same site also says the previously reported on third “Ghostbusters” film is proceeding as planned, but with 3D now added into the mix.

Lee Eisneberg and Gene Stupnitsky are penning the script.

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