HBO’s Rome to be turned into a movie sequel

This has me extremely excited, I loved the movie series. Melissa bought me the DVDs for the two seasons that they had for HBO. The show didn’t end because of a lack of ratings, it ended because it cost too much to make. At 100 million for a season, it was one of the most expensive series ever. They shoved everything into the second season, to what was supposed to be a five season series. I hope that they right what was wronged at the series finale.


Heller Finishes “Rome” Film Script

By Garth Franklin Friday March 5th 2010 03:38AM
Heller Finishes "Rome" Film ScriptBruno Heller (“The Mentalist”) has finished his script for the film sequel to HBO’s acclaimed historical epic series “Rome” reports Entertainment Weekly.

Morning Light Productions will produce and finance the film which starts off in Germany four years after the show’s final episode which primarily dealt with the death of Mark Antony and Cleopatra and the rise of Octavian to become Emperor Augustus.

The film likely follows the fate of the show’s two leads Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd) and Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson), despite the former seemingly mortally wounded in the finale.

No word on what the plot would focus on as there were no major recorded historical events in the region around 25 BC, though the story could see the two former Roman soldiers hiding out amongst the Germanic tribes.

Heller previously indicated in his long-term plan for the series that had it continued the next storyline would’ve dealt with Rome’s response to the rise of a messiah in Palestine.

To be honest, Kevin McKidd was the man in this show, he has since done a few movies and a TV series (that was like a rip off of Quantum Leap) and now is on Grey’s Anatomy and his character is like the complete opposite of his character from Rome. It is quite disappointing and I hope that this movie gets made.


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