Wrestlemania 26 Predictions: Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

The Money in the Bank Ladder match has become one of my favorite Wrestlemania attractions, and it saddens me that this will be the last one before it gets reduced to being a gimmick PPV in July. With that said, whoever wins this match, I feel has to cash in well before the PPV in July, quite possibly at Wrestlemania. That would give the name (Money in the Bank) the time it takes to remove itself from the publics minds and allow it to be fresh and new for the July PPV.

I would love for Christian to win this, I think he’d be a great face World Champion, but I have a feeling that this is simply leading to a Drew McIntyre win, especially seeing how Vince has his eyes set on McIntyre for a World Championship run. (See how well that went for Sheamus?)

Winner: Drew McIntyre


by the way, I hate McIntyre’s theme…

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